Torque Limiter Sprockets

Tsubaki’s Torque Limiter Sprocket is a complete assembly providing both the Torque Limiter and Sprocket together as one unit. The all-new Torque Limiter Sprocket combines Tsubaki’s 100+ years of engineering and manufacturing excellence with high quality Tsubaki Sprockets and Overload Protection Devices to create a single device that provides a powerful and long-lasting torque limiting solution.
Tsubaki Torque Limiter Sprockets are designed to improve both the customer ordering process and installation experience over the existing line of Tsubaki Torque Limiters. As a solutions provider, Tsubaki continually strives to offer products which will improve customer experience.
Download the PDF or request for information to learn more about Torque Limiter Sprockets and the other Overload Protection Devices of Tsubaki.