Engineered Class Sprockets

From Steel Bushed to Welded Steel, Proofer Oven Chain to Feeder Breaker Chain, Engineered Class Sprockets are used in a multitude of applications across all manufacturing segments.  Reliability is the key with Engineered Class Sprockets; these applications are typically large and rely on the Sprockets to last a long time.  

Tsubaki of Canada can offer several value added features to your Engineered Class Sprockets:

  1. Mud Relief - Allows aggregates and debris to fall through the chain
  2. Split Construction - Install the sprocket without dismantling the shaft assembly
  3. Wear Indicators - Take the guess work out of sprocket tooth life
  4. Lightening Holes - Reduce overall weight of a sprocket
  5. Special Hardening and Materials - Let Tsubaki help you determine the best combination of materials and hardening for your application.

Engineered Class Sprockets