Mining Products

Tsubaki understands the complexity of mining operations. Accessing, extracting, transporting and processing raw materials from the ground takes more than drill rigs and feeder breakers or long-wall and continuous miners. It takes strength and endurance to pull it off profitably. Our tried and tested products meet these strict demands.

Surface mining: Our heavy duty roller chains, conveyor chains, reclaimer chains, engineering class sprockets, and protection devices support rotary breakers, shovels, diverter chutes, coal port loading facilities, rail loading stations, wash plants, refineries, smelters and conveyors.

Underground Mining: In these harsh applications, shock loads are high and chain or sprocket failures can take hours to fix. Tsubaki suggests our specially designed shuttle car chains, feeder breakers, heavy duty chains, chains for continuous miners and our One-Touch Inspection Door.

Mining Products