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Forestry is back in the game! Can you keep up?

When it comes to serious matters, there is only one name to trust: TSUBAKI!

Our chains are tougher than the trees! Increase your productivity by reducing chain breakage and by minimizing your downtime. For forestry chains, trust only the toughest. Trust only Tsubaki forestry chains!

For almost a century Tsubaki have been focusing and specializing on forestry chains assuring that quality gets better and better every time. In the forestry industry, no one can match the products and experience that Tsubaki offers. From bull edger to drop sorter to a planer driver, we understand your application needs.

The forestry industry has some of the most demanding chain applications anywhere. Tsubaki supplies various chains to keep this industry moving:

  • Sharp Top chain/ Sticker Chain
    •  Worn tips are a major cause of sticker chain replacement. Tsubaki's new design results in 20% increase in wear resistance without compromising strength.
  • 81X plain or with pushers or trimmer lug attachments
    • 81X chain is at the heart of every modern sawmill operation. 81X is available in many grades of quality. We offer 3 tiered levels of quality: 81X Econo, 81X Premium and 81X Lambda
  • 3939-B4 for drop sorters
    • 3939-B4 chain is an 8" pitch version of 81X chain and is used for lumber conveying. Used typically in drop sorter applications. Lumber is conveyed using J-bar attachments on the chain.
  • Scanner chain with attachments
  • Welded steel mill and drag chain (with or without attachments)
    • Welded Steel Chain operates in some of the most demanding applications. The inherent design provides high tensile and fatigue strength. Building upon basic design, Tsubaki's Welded Steel Chain's sidebars and barrels are shot peened for additional fatigue strength. Pins are precision fit for a superior press fit into the side bar.
Forestry Products