Rotary Breaker Chain

Rotary breakers are large cylindrical tumblers used to break feed material into workable sizes. During rotation the material is lifted and dropped inside the structure, which causes the material to be broken into pieces. During the rotation, the smaller softer broken pieces pass through screen openings onto a conveyor belt below where they are conveyed to the next stage of processing. Harder rock and uncrushed materials are discharged from the end of the cylinder with the aid of a discharge plough and other methods.

What’s behind the rotation of these large machines is Tsubaki’s Heavy Duty Drive Chain. Specifically designed for use in oil rigs, power shovels, hoists and other heavy-duty construction equipments, Tsubaki’s Heavy Duty Drive Chain is perfectly suited for rotary breakers and other heavy-duty applications.

Offset Drive Chains

Rotary Breaker Chain