Roller Conveyor Chain & Attachments

Reliable Performance for Your Operation
Tsubaki provides high quality roller conveyor chain backed by innovative engineering. Every step in the process is designed to deliver long-lasting conveyor chain for your application. Better performance, longer service.

High-Quality Materials
Steels used are selected for optimum wear and performance. Manufactured to fine grain practice to ensure greater strength and toughness. Premium grades of carbon steel are used on heat-treated and non-heat treated chains.

Precision Manufacturing
Sophisticated tooling is maximized for precision. Careful attention to detail is given to provide longer wear life and greater fatigue strength.

Exacting Assembly
Tsubaki has developed special, high-speed equipment to ensure accurate assembly.

Stock Chain Numbers
53R            US-196R
95R            604R
94R            607R
89R            614R

We stock a large inventory of these chains. That means you get the chain you need faster than ever before!

Roller Conveyor Components

  • Strong, long lasting pins
  • Smooth bushings
  • Reliable rollers
  • Precision manufactured sidebars

Key Terms

  • Roller conveyor chain
  • Roller conveyor attachment

Roller Conveyor Chains