Red Meat Processing Chain

Tsubaki understands the unique environment of meat-processing applications and the extreme strength and wash-down necessities it demands. We have it covered—from our engineered class chain to our high-precision attachment chains.

Delrin (Acetal) Bushed Conveyor Chain

  • Primarily used in meat processing and packaging plants.
  • Even in these wet, corrosive environments, the Delrin (Acetal) insert eliminates the need for lubrication.
  • These chains feature K-2 attachments; Acetal insert rollers; stainless steel bushings; and electro-galvanized sidebars, pins, and rollers.
  • Lube-free operation for a clean environment.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain

  • Used in trolley conveyors and long, complex, overhead conveyor systems such as on the primary processing line in a slaughterhouse.
  • The open joint construction allows for easy wash downs and helps prevent contamination.

Ultra Wear Life-Drop Forged Rivetless Chain(UWL)

  • An innovative product that extends wear life of rivetless chain by 40 percent or more.
  • The extraordinary performance is achieved with special steels and a proprietary pin hardening process; the result is a pin with a very hard, wear-resistance surface over a ductile core.
  • Available in both X-Style and Barloop Style.

Standard sprockets are not designed for some applications like overhead slaughterhouse lines where the attachment requires extra clearance.

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Drop Forged Chains