Reclaimer Chain

Designed to transfer coal stock pile, reclaimer machines are operational critical to any coal handling pre-plant. As demand for product availability and subsequent feed rates continue to rise, so do the demands on power transmission components to exceed industry standards. Operating conditions like this require the best in design and innovation. Enter Tsubaki: the established name in this field for delivery on performance and increased profitability to the bottom line.

Tsubaki has designed our made-to-order Stack Reclaimer Chains with a wide variety of options. These chains are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique challenges of mining operations. Our Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain features anti-dust capabilities to help battle against potential dust build-up between bushes and rollers.

Our highly customizable Large-Scale Conveyor Chains come in a wide variety of base materials. They feature  corrosive-resistant coatings, as well as a range of attachments and rollers that  address the unique challenges of the modern mining site.

Bar & Pin Chains

Reclaimer Chain