Metric Roller Conveyor Chain

Solve Special Material Handling Problems
Tsubaki is proud to offer Specialty Conveyor Chains designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of continuous and intermittent handling applications when belt, screw, or pneumatic conveyors are not appropriate.

Some of the operations that require special chain:

  • Sanitation Systems
  • Flow conveyors
  • Grain, cement, or adhesive powder conveyors
  • Auto assembly plants

Conveyor Chains for Special Applications
Smooth and stable flow of material depends on the performance of your conveyor chain. Even a simple conveying system will not run smoothly and provide stable on-line loads without proper chain. To move raw materials or heavy bulk items or to operate in extreme conditions, rely on Tsubaki’s Specialty Conveyor Chains to get the job done!

Quality in Every Step

  • Materials are selected to stand up to extreme temperature and shock loads.
  • Each chain is manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure the highest standards.
  • Components are finely finished and accurately assembled to provide high wear resistance and top performance for long periods.

When the going is tough — choose Specialty Conveyor Chains from Tsubaki!

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