Engineered Class Drive Chain

Tsubaki Eng Class Drive Chains are designed to exceed the listed ultimate strength ratings. These ratings are very significant. Chains with greater ultimate strength have higher actual yield and greater fatigue strength. With Tsubaki chains, you get extra reserve strength to withstand high shock loads.

Precision manufacturing means greater fatigue strength and the power of alloy steels.

Tsubaki Eng Class Drive Chains are built to withstand the most rugged conditions. We use the latest manufacturing and heat-treating techniques to manufacture every component. Each component is carefully machined to close the tolerances to ensure precise pitch control for smooth sprocket/chain interaction. That means longer service life for your chains and sprockets. 

When parts require extra hardness, we use alloy steel to make the components. This provides more uniform core strength, which is particularly important for heavy-duty applications. Every Tsubaki Drive Chain with an ultimate strength rating higher than 112,000 lbs is made entirely of alloy steel. All Tsubaki Drive Chains are furnished with alloy steel pins.

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