Drop Forged Rivetless Chain

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain has widespread use in many industries on trolleys, scraper flights, assembly and similar conveyors. Its design permits both horizontal and vertical operation over irregular routes, making it particularly acceptable for trolley conveyor service.

Related chain products and accessories are Barloop Chain, trolleys, drive dogs and Caterpillar Chain. Sprockets for Drop Forged Rivetless Chain are also available.

Barloop Chains
A solid side bar chain with standard rivetless chain center links and hardened wear surfaces. Consist of a standard forged rivetless inside block, fabricated steel sidebars, and cold drawn steel pins. Tsubaki’s Barloop Chain offers the advantage of a flat side bar for welding attachments. The pin is securely locked in the sidebars eliminating both the wear between the pin and sidebar and the possibility of the chain coming apart when slack exists. Offered with a nut and bolt that rotates for easy assembly and quick replacement.

Caterpillar Drive (Power) Chains
Tsubaki offers top of the line Caterpillar Drive chains that deliver fatigue-free operation. The roller chain is high-quality, with many drive dogs made of one-piece forged, induction-hardened steel. The entire assembly is designed to operate flawlessly in combination with Drop Forged Rivetless chain. Special, made-to-order chains are also available.

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Drop Forged Chains