Dairy Case Conveyor Chain

In-Floor conveyor systems move the dairy industry. Tsubaki makes outstanding conveyor chains for this application. These conveyors are usually designed with two endless chains running parallel on 7” to 8” centerlines. Typical chain manufactured lengths are 40 to 50 feet; conveyor track lengths are usually about 100 feet.

The Tsubaki edge:

  • General in-floor conveyors at dairy plant can only move case weights of up to 15,000 pounds.
  • Tsubaki’s Dairy Handling Chains, on the other hand, have an ultimate strength rating of up to 48,000 pounds per strand.
  • The added strength means longer-lasting chain for your applications—chain that can stand up to variable or shock loads and keep performing.

Double Flex Chain rotates on two planes, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. The pin bearing surfaces and selected sliding surfaces are induction hardened for extended wear life.

The Double Flex Chain’s design allows maximum flexibility for both horizontal and vertical movement by offering a large sliding area to decrease shear on the chain and the sliding surface. This versatility allows compact layouts and economical cost.

The mechanically designed cupped shaped of the outer link eases side flex movement, protects the rivet ends and prevents pin wear at the end.

Key Terms

  • In-floor Conveyor Chain
  • Double Flex Chain

Double Flex Chains