Bearing Roller Chain

Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain is a high performance chain used for large conveyance. In this large conveyor chain, cylindrical roller bearings are installed between the bushing and roller of the RF Conveyor Chain. Tsubaki’s unique Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain integrates cylindrical roller bearings inside its chain rollers, reducing friction to one third of conventionally constructed conveyor chain.

Applications can be found in automotive, steel, electrical, and other industries.


  • Lower coefficient of rolling friction- this means chain tension is reduced, and, frequently, a smaller chain can be used. In addition, the conveyor will require less energy to operate, making it more economical.
  • The initial cost of equipment is reduced-smaller sprockets, motors, reducers, shafts, bearings and frames can be used.
  • The allowable load of the roller is increased.
  • Lower maintenance. RF Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain has grease pockets on both its sides.
  • Longevity of the bearing roller.
  • “Stick-slip” resistance.
  • Wide range of chain size is available.

Tsubaki also offers lube-free Bearing Roller Conveyor Chains for longer chain life and reduced maintenance.

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