Bar and Pin Chain

Bar and Pin Chain is designed for economical applications where the speed is relatively slow and/ or heavy load lifting is required. Usually composed of three parts: two outer plates and one (or sometimes two) inner plates that are connected with pins. The tensile strength ranges from 309 to 2,720 kN.

It can be used in the steel industry for cooling high-temperature steel bars, seamless pipes, or for pushing red-hot slabs and billets. It can also be used for vertical conveyance of sand and earth, and for shuttle traction.

In comparison to roller chain, Bar and Pin chain has the following features:

  • Greater impact resistance due to the strong construction and high rigidity.
  • Higher strength considering chain weight.
  • All the main parts are heat-treated for greater wear resistance against the guide rails.
  • Usually the bottom side of the plate slides on the guide rail; the chain does not have rollers.

The bar and pin chains are normally manufactured on a made-to-order basis.

Bar & Pin Chains