Asphalt Chain

Asphalt Chain

Asphalt is tough! Hard aggregates, shock loads, intense heat, and almost around-the-clock operation during the paving season mean every component in your operation has to perform. Tsubaki hit the road around the world to bring you the strongest, longest-lasting asphalt chains. Critical benefits offered: tight press fit, precise pitch control, increased strength and longer service life.

Choose Tsubaki for:

  • High-quality, long-lasting operations
  • Reliable performance even with high shock loads
  • Durable operation in tough conditions
  • Decreased downtime and fewer unplanned stops

Inclined Asphalt Chains

Available in 4” or 6” pitch with K- or slotted M-style attachments. These asphalt chains are constructed for maximum strength and longevity. Sidebars are thorough hardened to stand up to high impact loads. Rollers are specially heat treated to resist abrasion in even the toughest operating conditions.


Using the right asphalt chain is only the first step! Tsubaki of Canada Limited is the manufacturer to trust in the fabrication of Asphalt Incline Conveyor Sprockets and related parts. Using the best balance of material, heat treatment, design, and manufacturing processes, trust Tsubaki to provide the longest lasting Asphalt Sprockets.


  • Unified Sprockets- replace only the worn portion of the sprocket easily. Segmental Rim style sprockets help keep operations running and downtime to a minimum.
  • Segmental Rim Sprocket- high quality 1045 steel; min 50 HRC tooth hardness to withstand extreme abrasion.
  • Hub Body- solid construction to ensure strength in operation; easily mountable to standard shafting; also available in split style for easy replacement.
  • Return Support Rollers- support the weight of the chain on the conveyor return side with rollers machined to the chain's exact profile.
  • Scraper Flights- fabricated and assembled at the factory.

Scraper Chains