Super Stainless™ Chain

Stainless steel with carbon strength

With Super Stainless™ chain, Tsubaki combines the corrosion resistance of its existing 600 (AS) series chains with strength of an ANSI carbon steel chain. It is designed to deliver maximum strength in corrosive, high temperature or food-grade environments, while operating with the same loads as standard carbon steel chain. One strand of 50 Super Stainless chain has the equivalent maximum allowable load (MAL) as one strand of the equivalent 50 carbon steel chain (1,430 lbs).

Super Stainless is ideal for applications involving freezers, food packaging/processing, underwater applications, exposure to harsh cleaners, high- speed conveyors, and high – temperature ovens.

Chain Construction

  • Higher side-bar waist for greater fatigue strength
  • Hardened stainless pins and bushings for extended wear life & better performance

Complete Super Stainless Solution

Tsubaki’s complete solution offers stainless steel sprockets and attachments, all designed to build strength and corrosion resistance into your operation.

Super Stainless Sprockets – Can be used in most corrosive environments. All sprockets can be custom made for specific applications.

  • Fully through hardened teeth and construction
  • Machining process minimizes pits and marks; prevents food and bacteria from gathering
  • Made to order available

Super Stainless Attachments – With strength equivalent to Tsubaki premium carbon steel attachment roller chain, Super Stainless attachments can be custom made using our LASER-EXPRESS™ process.

  • Standard attachments suitable for most common applications
  • Made to order available

Additional options include Double –pitch conveyor chain, Double-pitch sprockets, and offset links.

Super Stainless Chains