SpeedMaster Drive Chain

High speed and huge shock. These are some common operating conditions for most applications that roller chains need to deal with. Tsubaki's exclusive SpeedMaster chain features the best combination of heat treatment and materials to withstand the harsh conditions of every application. Starting with a through-hardened pin to endure heavy shock loading, the pin is then specially coated to withstand the wear caused by high speeds and finished off with Sheppard's Crook Conn Link to withstand vibration. Finally the G7 solid lube-grooved bushing is employed to trap lubricant where it is needed most -- bearing area between pin and bushing. Depending on speed of the application and operating conditions (e.g. lubrication), users can expect between 2 and 6 times greater wear life compared to ANSI Standard RS Roller Chain.


  • Performax Bushng- Solid Construction Lube-Grooved Bushing *NEW*
  • Through Hardened Plates
  • Special Alloy Pins
  • Quad Riveted Pins
  • Sheppard’s Crook Cotter Pins
  • Ring Coined Connecting Links


  • 60SM – 140SM
  • Single Strand through Double Strand

Key Terms

  • High Speed Chain
  • Abrasion Resistant Chain
  • SpeedMaster

SpeedMaster Chains