Lambda Drive Chain

Tsubaki was first to introduce its Lambda self-lubricating chain in 1988.  Since then we have continually advanced our manufacturing technology, material and performance of the Lambda chain series.  You simply cannot find a higher performing self-lubricating chain in the market today.

Compared to a standard non-lubricated chain, Lambda chain can last 14 times longer.  The secret is a sintered metal oil impregnated bushing.

Lambda chain can operate in temperatures of -10°C to 150°C.

40LMD to 140LMD
40HLMD-2 to 140HLMD-2

Single strand Lambda chain employ heavy roller (inner) side plates.  Its overall width is slightly larger than standard chain.  It will, however, engage with standard single sprockets

To avoid introducing a third transverse pitch to the product line up, double pitch Lambda chain uses all heavy side plates.  Therefore a heavy sprocket must be used to properly engage with double strand Lambda.  This is due to the different transverse pitch between standard double strand chain and double strand Lambda chain.

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Lambda Lube-Free Chains