Side Roller Chain

Side Roller Chains are used for free flow conveyance. Usually two strands are used on the equipment. Side Roller Chain is based on standard roller chain with side rollers installed on extended pins.

Three types of base chain:

  1. Double Pitch roller chain with standard rollers
  2. Double Pitch roller chain with oversize rollers
  3. RS-type

The construction of our Side Roller Chain makes for a highly compact conveyor system. This is further enhanced by the chain’s capacity to flex backward, requiring minimum space on the return side of the operation. Since a large number of rollers can be installed, a conveyor can easily be made where small objects are placed directly on the chain. Quick starting is also possible by installing high friction brake rollers.

Side Roller Chain has the following characteristics compared to Double Plus Chain:

  1. Greater allowable load.
  2. More economical.


Key Terms

  • Free Flow Chain

Side Roller Series Chains