Proofer Chain

Your customers demand fresh baked goods. To keep your products moving from mixing to packaging, count on Tsubaki! Commercial bakeries face tough operating challenges everyday. Perishable products move through complex operations where every minute matters. Extreme temperatures and humidity take a heavy toll on chains. Dust, salt, and fines can wear out pins and bushings. Let Tsubaki power transmission products solve your toughest operating challenges.

Proofer Chains—Customized to Meet Your Requirements!

  • Material selection and manufacturing techniques (holding pitch, tight clearances, and maximum press fits) ensure even wear throughout the chain. In multi-strand applications common in bakeries, even wear is critical to successful operations.
  • Specially designed lubrication ports through the pins and bushings, as well as special coatings, help extend the service life of long-wearing engineering class chains.
  • Heat treatments, including case-hardened, vacuum, boronizing, and powder coating, keep Proofer Chains operating in tough conditions.
  • Proofer Chains are manufactured with alloy pins, bushings, and rollers to provide the strength and tolerance needed to accommodate this specialized application.

Key Terms

  • Bakery Chains

Anti-Corrosive & Heat Resistant Chains