Lambda Conveyor Chain

Lambda “Lube-Free” Conveyor Chain
For maximum performance, durability, and flexibility the only true self-lubricating chain to trust is Lambda. Compatible with a wide range of canning, bottling, baking and other high temperature applications, Tsubaki Lambda self-lubricating chain is now available for use in high temperatures— up to 230ºC.

Lambda chain increases productivity and saves money.

  • Reduce maintenance time.
  • Eliminate product contamination.
  • Reduce downtime.

Long life and low maintenance
Lambda chains use special oil-impregnated bushings to provide lubrication and to prolong wear life.

Ambient Temperature: -10ºC ~ +60ºC (+14ºF ~ +140ºF)

  • More than 14 times the wear elongation life of ANSI Standard RS Roller Chain (N.B. #120 and #140 have 5 times the life of ANSI Standard Roller Chain)
  • In house testing comparison (non-lubricated operation).

Lambda Chain is interchangeable with ANSI Standard Roller Chain, however, as the pins are longer than that of Standard Roller Chain; please make sure there is no interference with the machine.

Operating Temperature
-10ºC ~ +150ºC (+14ºF ~ +302ºF).

ANSI Standard RS Roller Chain sprockets can be used. (Limited to single strand Roller Chain only)

Available in Single and Double Pitch.

Key Terms

  • Lube free chain

Conveyor Lambda Chains