Form, Fill and Seal Chains

Gripper Chain
Our high-performance roller chain is now available with both conventional and innovative new side swivel gripper attachments for form, fill, and vacuum seal applications.


  • Enhanced operation features reliable clamping mechanisms to ensure precise positioning. High performance springs are designed to last more than 10 million cycles, even at high speeds.
  • Quickly Cut to Length-Tsubaki is the only manufacturer to offer Gripper Chain with recessed riveted pins for easy chain length adjustment.
  • Industry-leading spring design for outstanding grip performance.
  • Quick, uniform start-up.

Tsubaki’s base chain options: Nickel-Plated Chain, Nickel-Plated Lambda Chain, Stainless Steel Chain, Special Surface-Treated Chain (NEP).

The sprockets used on gripper chains are mounted to a Cam that open and close the spring mounted attachments on the chain.  The extreme speed of today’s Form, Fill, and Seal chains require extreme precision to grab the plastic film at the right moment.  If timing of the Cam is off the chain will not grip the film causing a bind-up or will grip the chain too late which may tear the film.

Vacuum Wrapper Chain (CRYOVAC)
Maximize the performance of your vacuum chamber equipment with Vacuum Wrapper Chain from Tsubaki.

High-grade materials mean our chains last longer in extreme heat and resist corrosion from sanitary wash-downs. Precise pitch control and manufacturing techniques ensure smooth sprocket engagement for extended wear life, even at high speeds.

Choose Vacuum Wrapper Chain from Tsubaki and pack real value into your operation.

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Gripper Chains