Forestry Chain

When it comes to the Forestry industry no one can match the products and experience that Tsubaki offers. From a bull edger to a drop sorter to a planer drive, we understand your application needs.

The forestry industry has some of the most demanding chain applications anywhere. Tsubaki supplies various chains to keep this industry moving:

  • Sharp Top chain
  • 81X plain or with pushers or trimmer lug attachments
  • 3939-B4 for drop sorters
  • Scanner chain with attachments
  • Welded steel mill and drag chain (with or without attachments)

Key Terms

  • Forestry chain
  • Lumber chain
  • Mill chain Drag chain Scanner chain
  • Drop sorter
  • Trimmer lug
  • Sharp top
  • Sticker chain

81X Series Chains