Anti-Corrosive Conveyor Chain

Don’t let corrosion eat away your profits. Downtime is lost money. Put Tsubaki anti-corrosion products to work in your challenging environment and start reaping the major rewards. Our specially developed anti-corrosion products can outlast the competition and contribute to cost-effective operations and increased profitability.

NP Nickel Plated Conveyor Chain

  • RS Roller Chain plated with nickel.
  • Has an attractive appearance and light corrosion resistance that is suitable for outdoor conditions where it is exposed to water.
  • Maximum allowable load is 15% less than the equivalent RS roller chain.
  • Composed of magnetic properties.
  • Working temperature range: +14ºF ~ +140ºF.

SS Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain

  • Composed of type 304 stainless steel (clips are type 301).
  • More corrosion resistant than RS Roller Chain, NP Roller Chain and Ultra WP Roller Chain.
  • Can be used in special environments such as corrosive conditions, underwater and in acids/alkalis.
  • Non-magnetic, however, might have some magnetic properties at low operating temperatures.
  • Working temperature range: -4ºF ~ +752ºF.

AS Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain

  • Uses heat-treated hardened stainless steel (type 600) for the pins and rollers.
  • Link plates and bushings are made from type 304 stainless steel (clips are type 304).
  • Excellent choice for both corrosion resistance and high load capacity.
  • Maximum allowable load is 50% greater than “SS” series Stainless Steel conveyor chain.
  • Type 600 stainless steel has magnetic capacity.
  • Working temperature range: -4ºF ~ +752ºF.

Neptune Conveyor Chain

  • RS Roller Chain that has been both zinc galvanized and specially treated on the surface with a coating that together provide a double plated effect.
  • Super corrosion resistant to salt-water and all types of weather.
  • Tensile strength and maximum allowable load are identical to carbon steel RS Roller Chain.
  • Working temperature range: +14ºF ~ +140ºF.

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