Products Summary

Tsubaki has built a reputation of delivering high quality service and cutting edge technology for almost a century. As an industry leader and the largest global manufacturer of roller chain, we know the Canadian market best, where at least one of every three chains being used is Tsubaki.

Tsubaki manufactures many different types, sizes, and varieties of drive, conveyor, and engineered class chain, as well as sprockets and power transmission utility components, all engineered to meet your needs, maximize power transmission, save you money and increase output productivity. We continue to introduce technical innovations such as our self-lubricating Lambda chain, and can also supply many other standard or custom-made chains and sprockets.

To further provide you with more, Tsubaki recently purchased KabelSchlepp. We now provide you with cableveyor systems that support cables and hoses that supply electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic power to moving machine parts.

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