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    Tsubaki has been innovating to give you that out of this world performance: better engineering behind our product line up, industry’s most comprehensive engineering expertise and customer application profile database!

    We documented different industries and applications! Here’s an example:

    FOOD – This industry has many specialized needs and Tsubaki understands them all, from withstanding heavy loads and high temperatures to meeting rigid sanitation standards.

    Specialized applications Your challenges Why Tsubaki?
    • Blast cooler
    • In-floor conveyor
    • Proofer oven
    • Oven-cooling tunnel
    • Red meat processing
    • Overhead conveyor
    • Hygiene
    • Intense washing to meet rigid standards
    • Extreme temperatures
    • Increasing productivity
    • Corrosion protection that doesn’t compromise strength
    • The best possible specification
    • Innovation
    • Plating or a variety of stainless steel materials can be offered
    • Correct material selection for each component to withstand the conditions
    • You need to meet changing market demands while controlling costs, so existing equipment has to keep up with the demand
    • Tsubaki engineering and experience provides a solution that is to the right specification

    We have documented 170 food applications with a total customer cost savings of $ 92,012.46!

    Did we mention you too can save on cost? Contact us to discover your Tsubaki Advantage!

  • Cost Savings

    Superchain Cost Savings Highlight

    Cost Savings HighlightLumber Planer Mill

    Application: Stacker and Transfer Conveyor

    Issue: Initial competitor standard RS 100 chain would fatigue under shock loads and fail within about a year. This is an application involving especially high loads with occasional shocks as lumber gets transferred from the conveyor to the stacker. The original RS100 chain selection wasn’t strong enough for this application.

    Tsubaki Solution: Adopting the Tsubaki 100SUPER-H, customer was able to have a drive chain with enough load capacity to resist the shock loads without having to change the pitch dimension. As a result, the drive chain is now lasting a good five years before needing replacement through normal elongation wear. The price difference is only 25% more for the 100SUPER-H, but the chain longevity has been increased by 5 years.

    Cost Savings HighlightCost Savings: $7,900 cost savings due to lower chain consumption, longer life, and decreased maintenance time.


  • Tech Time

    There’s an app for that………

    With the multitude of products that Tsubaki offers it is not uncommon to hear people ask, “Where would you use that?” as they flip through one of our catalogues. Here are a few examples of good problem solving products that can save time and money.

    1. Lambda chain
    First introduced in 1988 Lambda chain has gained a very strong reputation for the reduction of maintenance costs for a multitude of companies worldwide. It’s depth in range of size and strength benefits make it the best lube free chain on the market. Most common for its lube free properties it can also be made to resist wash downs (Nickel plated or NEP), plough through dusty conditions (X-Lambda), resist up to 230 deg. C (high temp Lambda). Not just a simple lube free drive chain, it is available in all styles of drive and conveyor chain to cover any situation.

    2. Power Lock
    Keyless locking devices have been around for quite some time but they don’t have to be used for only locking a shaft to a sprocket. Albeit this is one of the most common installations, they can also be used in other capacities. Two Power Locks can be used on opposing shafts within a long hub to create a coupling, install in a cam for ease of infinite phase adjustments, replacement of long expensive keyed shafts. Design possibilities are endless.

    3. Shock Relay
    How do you protect your expensive gearboxes, motors, couplings etc from overload damage? Shear pin sprocket, mechanical clutch? These are viable options but require replacement and costly maintenance. Wouldn’t it be nice to install a device, set the parameters of acceptable overload and move on to more pressing issues? Enter the Tsubaki Shock Relay. Wired directly into the PLC it can be set to detect start up time, shock time, amperage draw to start. Further features can also be set such as alarms, phase loss protection and audible warnings. A handy reset button on the front of the unit is all that is needed to get things going after a jam up has been cleared from the line.

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