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  • Tsubaki Advantage

    Scan & Plan

    Tsubaki products save money, it’s a proven fact through Tsubaki Advantage and Scan & Plan.

    Designed to document cost savings, Tsubaki Advantage is a database that compares and tracks the performance of previously used products to that of a Tsubaki product in a specific application. Cost savings are calculated considering numerous factors for accuracy, such as replacement costs, maintenance costs, and cost of downtime. 
    Did you know, as of September 17th, 2018, Tsubaki products have helped our customers save $4,161,300.00 CAD in cost savings? 

    Scan & Plan

    Tsubaki Advantage and Scan & Plan go hand in hand. While Tsubaki Advantage records performance data, Scan & Plan lets our customers gain instant access to their application information. Within seconds, they can view key information by scanning their application-specific QR code. This includes:

    • Distributor & distributor contact name
    • Product part number & description
    • Quantity
    • Anticipated replacement date
    • Cost savings ROI date 
    • Photo gallery
    • Request a technical support service call, quote, or Tsubaki representative

    How can you sign up for Scan & Plan? It’s easy! Contact your Tsubaki representative to get access to your new QR code. Place the QR code label on a visible spot on the application and scan the code to get information.  Tsubaki understands how valuable your time is — use this tool to stay proactive and prevent costly downtime. 

  • Cost Savings

    Cam Clutch

    Tsubaki incorporates years of engineering expertise to deliver innovative cam clutch solutions.

    Tsubaki engineers have spent thousands of hours strategically designing our clutches to ensure efficiency and reliability, even in the most challenging environments. All our cam clutches employ the same concept — transmit torque in one direction and overrun (freewheel) in the opposite direction to their rotation. Tsubaki offers a wide range of solutions for different applications requiring cam clutches. Three of the most common applications types are backstop, indexing, & overrunning applications. 

    Cross-section diagram of cam clutch


    In these applications, backstop cam clutches play an integral part in preventing reverse rotation of drive shafts. The clutch’s outer race stays stationary, while the inner race can overrun freely in one direction. Reverse rotation is prevented through automatic clutch engagement, which ultimately prevents damage from occurring on expensive equipment. Common backstop applications are in conveyor systems and gear reducers. 


    In these applications, a crank motion mechanism provides reciprocating motion to the clutch’s driving race. This is transformed into one-directional motion, due to clutch driving in the forward stock (index) and overrunning on the return stroke.  


    In these applications, clutches overrun at either inner or outer race during most of the operating time, but are intermittently required to lock up and drive. Normally, an overrunning application is a 2- speed drive, with an electric and gear motor that is connected to a single shaft. As the gear motor drives on low speed, the clutch engages, while the clutch overruns as the high-speed electric motor drives. The clutch efficiently switches automatically between the 2 speeds. 

    Cam Clutch Interchange Tool 

    Tsubaki is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Our innovative interchange tool lets you input competitor product information to instantly find the Tsubaki product equivalent, saving you time & hassle. 

    Cam clutch interchange tool on Tsubaki website screeshot

  • Tech Time

    Custom Sprocket Capabilities

    Engineering Capabilities

    Smart tooth sprocket from TsubakiTsubaki uses customer application data in combination with engineering expertise to deliver customized engineering solutions. Tsubaki CAD system translates customer input, while custom design assessment determines drive system and performance needs. Sprockets can be customized to fit exact customer needs. Tsubaki engineers are available every step of the way – from addressing technical needs to application visits. 

    Smart tooth reflects our capabilities - innovative & effective.

    Smart tooth sprockets utilize Tsubaki’s Patented Wear Indicator Technology that visually informs customers when it is time to replace the sprocket prior toa failure occurring. It delivers extended chain life through predictable maintenance and provides an opportunity to schedule maintenance based on sprocket wear rate. Ultimately, avoiding unplanned downtime and reducing the overall cost of equipment ownership. 

    Machining Capabilities

    From one-piece custom orders to high-volume production, Tsubaki works hard to keep you on track. Tsubaki facilities are heavily equipped to create sprocket solutions to fit a wide range of needs. We have equipment with a large number of capabilities, including milling, turning, hobbing, welding, assembly and waterjet. For example, our waterjet machine has a 120” x 120” bed size and is capable of slicing through almost any type of material! 

    Man using a waterjet machine to custom manufacture a sprocket

    Some of our machine features include:

    • CNC/manual turning to 99” diameter
    • Three-axis machining, 110” by 40” by 36” 
    • SMAW/GMAW welding is CWB certified to 47.1
    • Traditional hobbing to 60” diameter
    • Induction and flame hardening to 120” diameter 

    Delivery & Quality  

    Tsubaki is committed to exceptional delivery without compromising our high-quality standards. Quality inspectors perform audits to ensure every sprocket manufactured holds up to our strict standards and correct specifications. Our IQS quality management system enables us to maintain and track orders, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained from start to finish. Our quality and engineering team is continually focused on improving all manufacturing process — such as improving production flow, reducing waste to reduce the cost for customers, and reducing process variation. Our engineers are available by phone or in person, before or after your purchase to ensure customer satisfaction. 

    Man standing with Tsubaki sprocket to test for quality

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