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    Tsubaki Chain Configurator Is Now Live On Tsubaki.ca

    Tsubaki Attachment Chain Configurator Tool
    Introducing Tsubaki Attachment Chain Configurator – our new, innovative configuration tool specifically designed to increase your convenience, enhance your customer experience & ensure proper communication when interacting with us. 
    Our configurator is easy to use, highly intuitive & allows you to build your attachment chain to match your exact application requirements from the comfort of your own screen. Once your design is created, it can be directly submitted to our dedicated sales team for a quote request.  

  • Cost Savings

    Super Stainless Chain – Stainless Steel with Carbon Strength

    Super stainless chain partsWith the combination of corrosion resistance of 600 (AS) series chains with the strength of an ANSI carbon steel chain, Super Stainless chain is engineered to be the toughest chain for the toughest applications. Designed to deliver maximum strength in corrosive, high temperatures or food grade environments, Super Stainless chain can reduce cost by operating the same loads as one carbon steel chain.

    Advantages of Stainless Steel

    • Withstand harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and high moisture levels, making it ideal for food-safe and clean room environments.
    • Outlasts competition to promote cost-effective operations and increased profitability.
    • Hardened components support increased strength and wear life.
    • Ideal for various applications such as freezers, food packaging/processing, underwater applications, exposure to harsh cleaners, high-speed conveyors, and high-temperature ovens. 


    • High side-bar waist for greater fatigue strength.
    • Hardened stainless components for longer wear life and improved performance.


    • One Number 50 Super Stainless chain with the same maximum allowable load as one equivalent 50 carbon steel chain (1,430 lbs. max. allowable load).
    • Greater strength in a single stainless chain results in big cost savings. One Super Stainless chain equals the load capacity of a larger or multi-strand 600(AS) or 304 (SS) stainless chain.
    • Twice the wear life of existing stainless steel chain options. Decreases downtime by extending replacement time. Reduces maintenance and replacement costs. Ultimately, improving reliability in harsh, challenging environments.
    • Highest-strength roller chain solution for high temperatures and resists a wide range of corrosive conditions, such as general acids, peracetic acids, low dosage caustics and alkalis, tap water, salt water, and temperatures from -40 degrees to 400 degrees Celsius.   

    For more information, please contact your local Tsubaki representative at 905-676-0400 or visit http://www.tsubaki.ca.

  • Tech Time

    Super Stainless Sprockets & Attachments

    Super Stainless chain sprocketsA smooth, continuously running operation needs trustworthy parts to rely on. Pair Super Stainless chain with Super Stainless sprockets and attachments to build a reliable stainless steel system, strong enough to withstand extreme operating conditions while providing superior wear


    Super Stainless steel sprockets function in most corrosive environments. They have a fully through-hardened construction with hardened teeth. The mechanized process achieves a smooth surface, avoiding pits and marks. This makes them ideal for food applications where preventing food and bacteria from gathering is essential. All standard-style sprockets can be custom designed in tooth count and dimension to fit specific applications.


    Super stainless steel attachments have a strength that is equivalent to Tsubaki premium carbon steel attachment roller chain. Standard attachments accommodate most common applications and can be customized to your application using our innovative LASER-EXPRESS™ process. Additional options include double-pith conveyor chain, double-pitch sprockets & offset links.

    For more information, please contact your local Tsubaki representative at 905-676-0400 or visit http://www.tsubaki.ca.

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