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    Tsubaki of Canada Limited achieves ISO 14001 accreditation

    Tsubaki of Canada Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier of power transmission products, is proud to announce our ISO14001:2004 accreditation.  This prestigious achievement recognizes our continuing commitment to the environment and our global efforts to reduce Tsubaki’s environmental footprint around the world.

    ISO 14001:2004 certification is a global standard for environmental management and is Tsubaki of Canada’s second ISO standard having previously achieved ISO9001 in 2001.  As an ISO14001 certified company, Tsubaki is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship by actively reducing the impact our businesses have today and in the future on the environment.

    Tsubaki of Canada’s environmental commitment includes specific targets for reducing packaging materials; reducing waste oil emulsifications; reducing energy consumption and reducing landfill waste generated at our facilities. Tsubaki tracks these and other environmental objectives and actively promotes efforts to make our processes as eco-friendly as possible.

    We owe our success in large part to the efforts and creativity of our people.  It is our employees that bring our commitment of environmental stewardship to life every day.  Achieving this certification is a significant milestone for Tsubaki of Canada Limited and is consistent with Tsubaki’s Global Environmental Mission – “Kind to People & the Earth”.

  • Cost Savings

    Gypsum Plant

    Application: Gypsum Longboard Saw

    Issue: Drive chain (RS120riv) elongating due to lack of lubrication

    Due to gypsum dust in the plant the customer cannot lubricate the chain. Lubricant will attract the dust causing it to stick to the chain and results to issues with articulation.

    The current non-lubricated chain would last approximately 4 months before the chain would have to be replaced due to elongation.

    Tsubaki Solution: Based on the application, we recommended Lambda self-lubricating roller chain. Special oil is impregnated between the pin and bushing while the chain remains dry to the touch. This allows the chain to be lubricated without attracting the gypsum dust.

    The Lambda chain was 4 times the cost of standard RS120 roller chain. However, it was installed and operated for 3 years before requiring change out as compared to standard chain that only lasted 4 months.

    Cost Savings: $12,400 cost savings due to lower chain consumption, longer life, and decreased downtime.

  • Tech Time

    Pitch Line Clearance

    Pitch line clearance provides numerous benefits on Engineering Class sprockets.  As shown below the difference between the two types of sprockets is the sprocket with pitch line clearance has flat portion at the root of the tooth (Figure 2). This flat portion is usually between 10-15 % of the chain pitch.

    When the chain starts to elongate using standard sprockets the rollers tend to ride higher on the teeth which can cause premature wear on the sprocket and chain (Figure 3).  In contrast the added clearance in pitch line sprockets allows the chain to seat correctly as the chain elongates over time (Figure 4). 

    This extra clearance also acts similar to mud relief allowing outside material to escape the sprocket teeth in dirty applications.  This ensures the rollers are fully engaged at the root of the tooth regardless of environmental factors.

    Pitch line clearance is an added feature that is standard on all Engineering Class sprockets manufactured by Tsubaki.  For additional information contact your Tsubaki

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