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    4 Reasons to Use Tsubaki Advantage

    • Lets your Tsubaki representative easily access key information about your application on the Tsubaki Advantage Database. 
    • Maintenance is easy with Tsubaki components. Your Tsubaki representative will contact you when it is time to service your Tsubaki components, preventing costly downtime before it strikes. 
    • Compare and track the performance of previously used products to that of Tsubaki products on your application. See just how well your applications are doing by switching to Tsubaki products. 
    • Track cost savings from using Tsubaki products by comparing all aspects of the applications. This includes, but is not limited to, cost of downtime, replacement costs, and maintenance costs. 
    For more information on how Tsubaki Advantage can benefit you, please contact your local Tsubaki Representative. 

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    Importance of Strain Relief & Types To Choose From

    Strain relief types for cable carriers from Tsubaki Canada
    Strain relief is a simple, easy to install, and an inexpensive solution that will improve the life of cable carrier systems significantly. 
    How does it work? It secures cables/ hoses at each end of the carrier, while the carrier moves back and forth. As the carrier moves, cable is pulled into and out of it. This can expose the cable to possible damages caused by binding up or being torn from the connection point. These end brackets will absorb all mechanical force resulting from the movement. Strain relief can be attached to moving end of the cable, however; it is strongly advised to secure both ends of the cable with it.
    Overall, strain relief is a cost-effective addition that delivers big benefits. It makes it easier to control cable length, helps in executing a smoother operation, and can increase system performance and longevity.
    Strain relief device type 1 from Tsubaki CanadaStrain relief device type 2 from Tsubaki CanadaStrain relief device type 3 from Tsubaki Canada

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