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    Introducing STAGE-1: Industrial Dryer/Dehydrator Chain

    Introducing STAGE-1, our newest class of premium industrial dryer/dehydrator chain. Specifically designed for demanding applications, STAGE-1 can withstand a working load over 42% greater than the industry standard. STAGE 1 is uniquely designed to adopt best practice chain design features to ensure high performance, reliability, and predictability. 

    Premium Features: 

    STAGE-1 industrial dryer/dehydrator chain has multiple premium features to offer. To begin with, there is a 900LB working load improvement, due to maximizing bearing area. Bushing has increased diameter, thicker walls, and fully round shape to increase strength. The chain features the tallest, thickest side plates achievable without compromising operating envelope standards. Pin and cotter diameters have been increased. Chain attachments are welded to the chain using MIG welding to ensure premium results. All these features combined make STAGE-1 the most durable and toughest dryer/ dehydrator chain on the market.
    STAGE-1 chain is available in 6”, 9” and 12” pitch sizes and custom sizes depending on the varying needs of our clients. It is designed for easy drop-in replacements and will work efficiently within the original operating envelope without additional equipment modifications.
    Side by side comparison of Tsubaki STAGE-1 Dryer Chain and Standard Dryer Chain
    For more information, please contact your local Tsubaki Representative

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    Tsubaki's Solutions to Harsh Environments

    With demanding conditions present in every industry, rely on Tsubaki’s innovative products to keep your operations working optimally.

    Smart Tooth

    Tsubaki SmartTooth sprocket technology
    Smart Tooth is designed to extend chain life through predictable maintenance and warnings to avoid drive failure.
    Smart Tooth technology provides visual identification of sprocket ware before component failure occurs, thus resulting in reduced equipment downtime and, ultimately, increased productivity.
    Like all Tsubaki products, your Smart Tooth is manufactured using premium materials and will function efficiently to meet your operational needs. Machinery downtime is simply unacceptable and Smart Tooth works hard to help prevent it.

    One Touch Inspection Doors 

    Tsubaki one touch inspection doors
    One touch inspection doors are lockable, dust and moisture tight. They are specifically designed for industrial conveyor enclosures and material processing & handling equipment.
    One touch inspection doors are quick and easy to install on existing equipment without structural changes, thus saving you time and money. It has three-part, patented design created for challenging environments, whether indoors or outdoors.
    The framework is made of superior quality mild steel or stainless steel for increased longevity and durability. It is available with polyethylene, epichlorohydrin, and silicon gaskets. 

    Backstops & Overrunning Clutches

    Tsubaki backstop and overrunning clutch
    Tsubaki offers a wide selection of cost-effective, one-way cam clutches that are designed to improve efficiency and provide protection for your valuable operation.
    Whether your application requires indexing, general overrunning, or backstopping units, Tsubaki has the right solution for you. Tsubaki’s cam clutches build reliability in your operation by preventing potential product and capital equipment damages. These products can be used in conveyor, bucket elevator, hoist, pumping, and dual-drive systems. 
    For more information, please contact your local Tsubaki Representative  

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