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    Keyless Locking Device Offers Extreme Clamping Strength

    Tsubaki Power-Locks are well engineered, adjustable and affordable locking devices that solves many common engineering and maintenance issues associated with other connection devices, particularly keyed connections. 
    The process of machining a keyway into a shaft is tedious, expensive and permanent. Most importantly, it reduces the strength and amount of torque a given shaft size can transmit. In addition, in a keyed connection, clearances must exist between the component hub, shaft, keyway and key, which allows for metal-to-metal contact, resulting in fretting and corrosion.
    Tsubaki Power-Locks help to eliminate these issues. The frictional, keyless system allows for easy attachment of shaft to hub without time and money spent on machining or extra assembly labour. It provides a solid connection between the hub and the shaft by using a keyless mechanical interference fit to transmit a high torque or withstand axial thrust and accommodates reversing, dynamic or shock loading. In addition, it features a precision-made, double-taper design that can be easily mounted on any rotational component, allowing the hub to be positioned more accurately on the shaft, and facilitating angular timing of the hub.

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    Power-Lock Selection Guide

    Tsubaki Canada's Power-Lock Selection Guide

    AS Series (Multipurpose)

    • Easy-handling and multipurpose
    • Compatible with large shafts
    • Environment resistant models in stainless steel (AS-SS Series) and electro-less nickel-plated finish (AS-KP Series) available

    AD Series (High Torque)

    • Offers 1.5 to 3 times the rated torque capacity of the AS Series
    • Self-centering
    • Designed with the same inner and outer diameters as an AS Series Power-Lock

    KE Series (Wide Range of Tolerances)

    • Designed to suit a wide range of shaft tolerances
    • Compact with only a small difference between the inner and outer diameters
    • Self-centering
    • Excellent for locking small shafts

    AE Series (Multipurpose Flange)

    • Self-centering
    • Generally the same inner and outer diameters as an AS Series Power-Lock

    RE Series Stainless Steel (Environment Resistant)

    • RE Series can be installed without snap ring
    • Offers corrosion protection
    • Available in flange and straight type

    SL Series (External Locks)

    • Installs over outer hub diameters
    • Excellent for locking hollow shafts
    • Low profile for applications with space restrictions

    EL Series (Locking Elements)

    • Offers flexible design configurations
    • Designed for applications requiring space restrictions
    • Excellent cost performance

    EF Series (Low Profile)

    • Pressure flange type locking elements
    • Offers 2 to 3 times the rated torque capacity of the EL Series
    • Self-centering

    TF Series (Small Hub Diameters)

    • Excellent for locking small hubs
    • Minimum number of bolts used
    • Self-centering

    FL Series (Flush Mounting)

    • Self-Centering Function: straight and narrow hubs can be used with FL Series Power-Lock
    • Same size inside diameter and outside diameter as AS Series Power-Lock in most cases
    • Simple construction

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