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    BIG CHAIN. BIG BENEFITS. At Tsubaki, we know your customers WANT THE BEST. That’s why we BUILD THE BEST.

    Our engineered chain phase 1 campaign ended June 28th. We sincerely thank all of you who participated in our sales promotion. It was a huge success! Draw was made on June 28th and here is the list of the BIG WINNERS:

    Apple iPad3 BIG BOYS WINNERS:

    1. Jordan Sharpe (AIT-CBS London)

    2. Dale Gamble (BDI- St. Catharines)

    3. Joe Groenendyk (Motion Nanaimo) 

    One-of-a-kind Tsubaki BBQ WINNER:

    1. BDI Winnipeg

    *Winners will be emailed directly by a Tsubaki representative.

    Watch out for the engineered chain campaign Phase 2 in Fall. MORE PRIZES TO BE WON!

  • Cost Savings

    Surface Exploration Drill

    Application: Surface Exploration Drill

    Issue: This application faces numerous challenges: drilling speed exceeds 2,000 ft/min; drilling depths can reach 10,000 ft below ground creating severe shock loading; drills are sent in extremely remote areas where parts are not readily available.

    Because of the aforementioned challenges found in exploration drilling, this exploration company would replace 80-3RB on their drills every 3,000 hours of service.

    Total replacement costs including parts, labor, lubricant and downtime run at approximately $6,000 per replacement for every drill in their fleet.

    Tsubaki Solution: Tsubaki recommended 80-3 SPEEDMASTER with specially coated pins, quad riveting, G7 bushings with patented lube grooves and Sheppard’s crook conn links. The SPEEDMASTER chain increased the drill’s production from 3,000 hours of service to over 7,000 hours.

    Cost Savings: The increase in production represented a total annual cost savings of $6,000 per drill.

  • Tech Time

    Strain Relief

    Strain Relief – The sometimes forgotten element

    As with anything in the power transmission world the simple details are most often the important ones. With cable carriers, one of the most beneficial things that can be done to improve system life is to add strain relief. A very simple and inexpensive addition to the carrier package that can aid in trouble free operation.

    What exactly is strain relief? At its most basic level it is the securing of the cables/hoses at each end of the carrier. This very simple step can dramatically increase cable/hose, carrier system performance and longevity.

    Without strain relief it is difficult to control the length of the cable inside the carrier. As the carrier moves back and forth, the cable is pulled into or out of the carrier and can bind up or be torn from its connection point. Meanwhile, on the outside of the carrier, the end brackets will absorb all of the mechanical force.

    With lack of strain relief a cable failure can look like:

    Typically, round electrical cables should be secured with strain relief at both ends. In some cases, the cables may be fixed with strain relief at the moving end only, but it is best to have it on both ends.

    Types of strain relief:

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