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    Tsubaki News - Backstop and Clutches Promotion

    Tsubaki of Canada launched its Backstop and Clutches to the North American market and we want to offer our customers the chance to help us promote this new product line.

    From December 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, Tsubaki is offering cash and prizes to our customers who actively promote, sell or purchase our clutch products. Prizes will be given out monthly with a special Grand Prize at the end of the promotion to a lucky winner.

    For more information, click on the link: http://tsubaki.ca/pdf/library/Tsubaki_Cam_Clutch_Promotion_Flyer_.pdf

    Thank you for participating in our 2015 Customer Survey!

    Here at Tsubaki, your SATISFACTION is important to us!

    Congratulations to the random draw winners:

    ·       Clint Miller - Motion Canada

    ·       Grant Carter - Applied Industrial Technology

    ·       Raymond Parent - Wajax Ind.

    ·       Mark Lipischak - Outotec

    ·       Jason Bloor - Canadian Bearings

  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings Highlight - Synthetic Gypsum Bucket Elevator

    Issue:  The customer was using a competitor’s 4850 chain with G6 attachment on every pitch to move raw synthetic gypsum via buckets to the next process area. Gypsum would get into the pin and bushing area and cause the pin to wear, causing the competitor’s chain to last for only 2 years.

    Tsubaki Solution: Although the competitor’s chain lasted for 2 years, Tsubaki came up with an improved solution to further prolong the life of the chain. Tsubaki recommended hardened stainless steel pins and bushings as well as extended bushings through the inner sidebars and installed nitride seals (SJ2) on the ends of the extended bushings to help reduce corrosion and wear within critical areas. The SJ2 technology prevents the gypsum from getting into the pin-bushing area, thus, increasing wear life.

    Cost Savings: The cost of the new chain is more than twice as much as the competitor’s. However, the chain has been running for 4.5 years (more than two folds of the previous chain life) and Tsubaki’s engineered chain with SJ2 technology shows no wear, no elongation and all the seals are intact.

  • Tech Time

    Tech Time - Not All Chains Are Created Equal

    Not All Chains Are Created Equal

    By Tim Morrison,

    Technical Support Manager


    Today’s industrial chain drive uses a Roller Chain to transmit power from one sprocket to another by means of tensile forces.  Like all mechanical power transmission equipment, it is designed to meet certain performance objectives.  To surpass the technical requirements of any application Tsubaki must manufacture a chain that is reliable, consistent, and provides value to the end-user.  Chain performance can be broken down into four broad topics:

    ·         Wear Resistance – how fast the chain elongates in operation

    ·         Fatigue Strength – The maximum load that may be applied for which fatigue failure will never occur.  Often referred to as working load or maximum allowable load.

    ·         Tensile Strength – The minimum continual load that will cause a new chain to fail.

    ·         Corrosion Resistance – The ability for a chain to maintain it’s constituent structure in corrosive environments.

    For the next four months we will be discussing the specific challenges related to each of the above performance criteria; more importantly we will be reviewing the remedies for each.  In a general sense the remedy for specific operating challenges may be broken down into four areas of discussion:

    ·         Technical Specification – An examination of the features and design of the chain.  What performance objective is the specific chain meant to address?

    ·         Product Selection and Suitability – Is the original chain selection technically sound?  Does it meet the specific requirements of the application?

    ·         Installation Accuracy – Was care taken when installing the chain to ensure optimal performance?

    ·         Maintenance Practices – Is the chain subject to adequate care and inspection during operation?  Do maintenance staff have an adequate understanding to maximize chain life.

    All of these areas can be complicated on their own; factor that more often than not overlaps and it becomes obvious that not all chains are created equal.  Join us over the next few months as we examine each subject in detail.  Next month we will discuss the most common of chain ailments – mechanical wear.

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