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  • Tsubaki Advantage

    Tsubaki Advantage offers web-based equipment management


    What started as a spreadsheet to track a product's lifecycle is now a robust web-based program that has helped many of our customers.

    We have invested significantly into developing this web-based program where Tsubaki sales representatives can access the platform remotely in assisting our customers in documenting the life cycle of critical applications.

    Tsubaki Advantage has two major functionalities:

    • (a) Proactive tracking of the application’s life (the term coiled is “ProAcTrack”) where the system sends an automated email to our sales reps 40 days before an application is due. This proactive functionality assists our customers in avoiding unplanned downtime. Rest assured that Tsubaki is right at your door before possible downtime to increase your productivity.
    • (b) The system also tracks the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) and cost savings of the critical applications. The web-based platform calculates the cost savings based on the following costs: product, maintenance, replacement, preventative, lubrication, and downtime.

    Read more on our regional sales manager, John Sharpe’s interview with The Working Forest by clicking here and going to page 22.

  • Cost Savings

    Solve your Robot Issues with Tsubaki’s Robotrax


    5-axis stamping robot


    The previous product installed on our customer’s 5-axis stamping robot was a corrugated tube that was cracking in various spots every 2-3 months causing cable wear and failure. Our customer was trying to get a hold of their previous supplier with no success. No after-service support was available to resolve this issue.

    Tsubaki Solution:

    The customer sent in a inquiry through our website and was surprised to have heard from Tsubaki right away. Our sales representative, together with our KabelSchlepp product specialist, visited our customer’s facility to review the application and showed an example of our recommendation, Robotrax, and explained how it works.

    The customer went with Tsubaki’s recommendation by replacing their corrugated tube with Robotrax with all possible options added such as tension chucks, strain relief, clamp bolts and bumper guards. Robotrax is designed to prevent cracking or breaking as the robot maneuvers around. When the cables are to be replaced, no disassembly is required as the cables can be pulled through the carrier. The customer was extremely satisfied with the result that they are planning on retrofitting the remaining 20 robots that they have with the Tsubaki solution provided!

    Call on Tsubaki for any of your troubles and we will find the best solution for you!

  • Tech Time

    Next Generation Tsubaki Leaf Chains

    Through extensive R&D, Tsubaki was able to extend the life of our Large Pitch Leaf Chains allowing them to withstand the heaviest demands of many lifting applications. The new heavy duty-design includes a combination of select quality alloy steel, heat treatment, precise manufacturing tolerances, special plate and pin treatments, and pitch compensation to achieve superior performance well above the ASME/ANSI minimum requirement and provide significantly improved wear-life.


    Standard Large Pitch Leaf Chain

    Designed with Tsubaki’s proven technology and manufacturing expertise, this chain achieves long life even under heavy loads.


    Extended Life Large Pitch Leaf Chain

    By utilizing special treatment of critical components, Extended Life Leaf Chain can achieve up to twice the life of Standard Large Pitch Leaf Chain. Plates are coated with black oxide providing lubricity and a moderate level of corrosion protection in outdoor applications.


    Ultra-Life Large Pitch Leaf Chain

    The ULTIMATE in wear performance. Ultra-Life Leaf Chains incorporate advanced technologies and manufacturing processes to achieve up to four times the life of Standard Leaf Chains. In addition, the plates have a more advanced coating, offering greater corrosion resistance and longer life.


    Tsubaki Premium Leaf Chain Features:

    Pin Technology

    • Alloy Steel – All leaf chains are manufactured from case hardened chrome-moly alloy steel. The high hardness of the surface provides maximum resistance to wear, abrasion and galling in the high pressures encountered when chains experience heavy loads. The pin alloy steel utilized by Tsubaki provides higher core hardness than other case hardened steels, which directly translates to maximizing tensile and fatigue strength.
    • Precision Grinding- After heat treatment, all pins are accurately ground to precise diameter specifications to allow optimum chain assembly while also providing free articulation and chain length control.  The smooth finish adds additional resistance to wear and galling.


    Link Plates

    All plates are precision stamped through hardened alloy steel and shot peened for high tensile strength, maximum fatigue and shock resistance. 

    • Inside Plates- Pitch compensation is standard for all large pitch Tsubaki Leaf Chains, ensuring equal load distribution on all center plates which enhances tensile and fatigue resistance.
    • Outside Plates- All press fit outer plates are also designed to maximize tensile strength and fatigue resistance.  The interference between the pin diameter and the pitch hole diameter is optimized so compressive forces hold the pins tight and resist repetitive loading in the application.


    Pre- lubrication

    Tsubaki Leaf Chains are lubricated in a unique blend of lubrication, applied by immersing the chain in a hot soak tank to ensure adequate penetration deep into the critical pin-plate contact bearing areas. Subsequent lubrication is required as part of a total maintenance plan.

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