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    Pony Series Steel Bushed Chains – Elevator Chains


    Designed for aggressive bulk material handling environments, Pony Series steel bushed chains are manufactured with premium high-quality steel through a refined proprietary manufacturing process. It provides superior strength, maximum toughness and dependability that is a must for environments with harsh fine particulates. It comes in 102-B (4”), 111 (4.76”) and 110 (6”) chain sizes and is commonly used in elevators with K-2 attachments.

    Built with the strength to perform in environments such as cement, gypsum, coal, sugar, grain, clay, coke/carbon, fertilizer, potash, lime, and salt. 

    • Made from premium high-quality steel 
    • Premier ultimate strength rating exceeding many rival designs.
    • Refined series of heat treatments provide wear resistance and unparalleled toughness for demanding forces of aggregate elevators.
    • Comes in 102-B (4”), 111 (4.76”) and 110 (6”) chain sizes.  
    • Assembled in 7-10 working days with either carbon steel or Titan XL Pins.
    • Premium upgrades, such as plated pins/ bushings and patented joint seals, available for specific applications. 

  • Cost Savings

    Roof Truss Press


    One of Tsubaki’s end users manufactures prefabricate wooden roof trusses that have been used widely in roof structures. One of their roof truss presses had our competitor’s sticker chain installed. However, the chain did not last long enough and damaged the finished product. The competitor’s chain was required to be lubricated to function effectively, however, the lubricant gets mixed up with the glue when the roller pushes onto the stud to bind the wood together. 

    Tsubaki Solution

    To combat this, Tsubaki designed a Lambda version of our sticker chain to prevent lubricating the chain. As a result, Tsubaki chain lasted for 1,035 days versus the competitor’s 416 days. On top of that, defective products were avoided since lubrication remains intact in the chain with no contact with the stud or the wood.

    Cost Savings

    By switching to Tsubaki, this end user saved $3,076.78.

  • Tech Time

    Tsubaki’s Products Add Value to Your Operation

    Tsubaki products perform exceptionally well due to many reasons. From engineered design to high quality materials to refined proprietary manufacturing process, our products are tested every step of the way to ensure they meet high standards of this ever-demanding industry.

    What sets us apart from other manufacturers? 

    • Design of chain components follow ASME B29 standards
    • Component designs maintain high press fits and appropriate running clearance
    • High quality steel is used to manufacture components 
    • High quality holes
    • Consistent tolerances
    • High quality, consistent pin and bushing holes 
    • Verification and certification of materials 
    • Inspection of imported components, chains, and outside services 
    • Carefully selected and proven vendors for outside services 

    Every product is designed to add value to your valuable operation. 

    Here are some available value-adding options to consider:

    • Titan XL pins increases hardness of pin surface. It improves wear and adds corrosion resistance. 
    • Hard chrome plate bushing OD increases wear resistance and gives corrosion resistance. It is especially useful when rollers wear through bushing OD.
    • Hardened roller inserts increase wear resistance. 
    • Hard chrome plate bushing ID increases hardness to improve wear resistance and adds corrosion resistance. 
    • Hard (17-4 or 410) stainless pins and bushings increase corrosion resistance. 
    • UWP and 3X plating on components add corrosion resistance. 
    • All stainless-steel constructed items increase corrosion resistance.

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