Tsubaki Smart Tooth

Sprockets that utilize patented Wear Indicator Technology

SMART TOOTH technology is a visual identifier indicating when a sprocket has worn past its usable life.  Wear indicator pins are strategically inserted into the thrust faces of the sprocket tooth where the resultant pressure angle of the chain roller creates wear. Eventually as the tooth profile recedes over time in service, the wear indicator pin becomes exposed visually identifying that it is time to for the sprocket to be replaced.

Tsubaki SMART TOOTH offers users the ability to identify and schedule drive system maintenance. Predictable downtime is essential to cost effective part replacement ensuring critical component failure does not occur.  Implementation of Tsubaki wear indicator technology makes sense for applications that are driven by capital equipment, or where non-scheduled downtime is simply not acceptable.

How Can Smart Tooth Sprockets Maximize Chain Life?

Proper chain and sprocket engagement is essential to maximize the life of your chain.  When chains and sprockets articulate correctly, the life of the chain is extended.  This means long term savings and real value for any application.

Sprockets have several points of high-friction contact with a roller chain, which is important to efficient rotation, but also wears the sprocket and roller chain quickly. Once a sprocket has worn past its usable life poor fit, alignment and chain wrap will occur resulting in loss of tension, jumped chain, drive slipping and catastrophic failure.  Ultimately by using worn sprockets chain wear accelerates at an exponential rate causing the life of the chain to be reduced by up to 50%.  Knowing when to replace your sprocket will help maximize chain life and performance.