Tsubaki Advantage & Scan and Plan

Tsubaki Advantage is a database created by Tsubaki of Canada that documents cost savings of the end user when they use Tsubaki products in their application. The database compares and tracks the performance of the previously used product to that of a Tsubaki product and calculates the money saved by switching to Tsubaki. Tsubaki Advantage computes the cost savings by comparing all aspects of the application including such things as maintenance costs, replacement costs, and the cost of downtime.

As of Sept 2018, Tsubaki Advantage has documented nearly $4,178,598.77 Canadian Dollars in cost savings for customers who have switched to a Tsubaki value added product.

Scan & Plan – Get Application Information in Seconds

For 12 years Tsubaki has built a library of customer critical applications, known as Tsubaki Advantage, that fully documents cost saving solutions and replacement tracking details.

Scan & Plan gets you instant access to application information such as: distributor, distributor contact name, product part number / description, quantity, anticipated replacement date, cost savings ROI date, photo gallery, request for technical support service call, get a quote and Tsubaki representative.

Scan & Plan is as EASY as 1, 2, 3….

Step 1:  Contact your local Tsubaki representative to get access to our new QR code system

Step 2: Scan the QR label to get relevant information about your application

Step 3: Use the tool to proactively plan ahead and avoid an unplanned breakdown!

Knowledge is power! At Tsubaki we want you to have the best possible information at your fingertips in order to make the best possible decision.


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