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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all do business but it doesn't mean Tsubaki has stopped helping to keep your operations in motion. Our HERE FOR YOU package includes:

TSUBAKI ADVANTAGE - a comprehensive database that compares and tracks the performance of the previously used product to that of a Tsubaki product. It calculates the money saved by switching to Tsubaki including maintenance costs, replacement costs, and the cost of downtime.

QR code system

SCAN AND PLAN is Tsubaki's new QR code system so customers can proactively plan ahead and avoid an unplanned breakdown. It provides instant access to such application information as distributor, distributor contact name, product part number/description, quantity, anticipated replacement date, cost savings ROI date, and photo gallery. It also tells you how to request for technical support service calls, get a quote, and contact a Tsubaki representative.

Your choice of meetings

You choose the meeting that suits you best:

Meeting 1
Meeting 2
Meeting 3
  • ON-SITE MEETINGS where Tsubaki arrives at a time and entrance of your choosing. We will adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols, including required PPE and proper distancing to help lower the risk of virus transmission.
  • MIDNIGHT MEETINGS that are specifically designed for after hours at your location at a time of your choosing. Again, all COVID-19 protocols, PPE, and distancing will be strictly followed.
  • VIRTUAL MEETINGS where a panel of Tsubaki experts will meet you online to discuss any problems you're facing and provide expert technical advice for any of your applications.

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